Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Kazakhstan-Singapore Business Council (KSBC).

KSBC is a young organization, but our members are very experienced entrepreneurs and senior executives in various sectors of the economy. We are here to bring the two fast-growing regions of Southeast Asia and Central Asia closer together, with Singapore and Kazakhstan being well-known gateways to both regions.

Both countries have the necessary infrastructure, a legal and regulatory framework based on the best international standards and, most importantly, educated, modern and active people. Both regions have unique characteristics and complement each other, Southeast Asia is experiencing rapid growth in consumption due to dynamic economic growth and dense population, while Central Asia is rich in minerals and agro-industrial resources that are essential for modern and environmentally friendly production.

Therefore, now is the time to start more active work in many areas of business contacts. We encourage entrepreneurs, companies and corporations to expand business cooperation between Singapore and Kazakhstan, find new partners and expand the geography of their presence.

In addition to business, we at KSBC believe that cultural rapprochement between Singaporeans and Kazakhs will also be very valuable. There are still many unknowns about each other for both countries, and we aim to remedy this.

We hope that by working together we can achieve many goals and do a lot of good for Singapore, Kazakhstan and beyond.

Sultan Marenov

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