Vincent Loh Weng Seng

Vice-Chairman, Director

Vincent Loh serves as the CEO of CPG International Pte Ltd, where he leads the international division of CP Corporation Pte Ltd. Additionally, in his role as the Executive Vice President of Business Development for CP Corporation Pte Ltd, he manages CPG's international operations. As the Vice President of Business Development at CPG Corporation Pte Ltd, he oversees the company's business development activities on a global scale.

Vincent has built strong relationships with clients in China, the Middle East, India, Sri Lanka, North Asia, ASEAN and Singapore.

Vincent is a registered professional and chartered civil engineer with Over thirty years of experience. He has been personally involved in projects ranging from ultra-tall towers to complex projects in the fields of chemistry, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals and integrated civil engineering infrastructure in Singapore and overseas.

He draws on his many years of experience, including the last 10 years in senior management, to inspire and pass on skills and best practices to the next generation of leaders and beyond. beyond.